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March 2023

OpenLight introduces 224G InP-based modulator to advance PIC designs

Datacom customers can now extend their multi-lane DR and FR based datacom designs to 224G per wavelength, doubling overall speed without increasing PIC cost.

March 2023

OpenLight announces first process design kit sampler to accelerate component testing

Now available, the unique PDK sampler offers lab-testing flexibility and enhances PIC design accuracy to accelerate time to market.

January 2023

OpenLight appoints Dr. Adam Carter as Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Carter brings over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and will guide the company’s growth as they scale their open-foundry business.

December 2022

OpenLight and their revolutionary approach to photonics (Podcast)

SemiWiki podcaster Dan Nenni is joined by COO of OpenLight Dr. Thomas Mader to discuss the benefits of integrating optical components directly onto silicon.
December 2022

OpenLight unveils first 800G DR8 photonic integrated circuit design to advance global datacenter interconnect industry

OpenLight speeds creation of 800G DR8 transceivers and accelerates time to market for data center applications.
December 2022

OpenLight offers silicon photonics process design kit

OpenLight’s process design kit (PDK) is now generally available for those interested in designing photonic integrated circuits (PICs) using OpenLight’s technology.

November 2022

Announcing PDK availability with our unified electronic and photonic design platform

Find out how our process design kit (PDK) streamlines end-to-end design of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with on-chip laser technology.
October 2022

OpenLight’s COO Tom Mader talks with Electronic Design about advances in lasers

Discover what Tom had to say about the role silicon photonics play in overcoming challenges and delivering advantages in the industry.
August 2022

Introducing OpenLight: Driving the next era of open silicon photonics with integrated lasers

Explore the key drivers for next-gen networking with OpenLight, providing the world’s first open-foundry silicon photonics platform.

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