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Modular. Scalable. Silicon Photonics. Guaranteed. OpenLight is the world leader in custom, PASIC design and manufacture.

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OpenLight’s PASIC technology integrates all the components of silicon photonics devices into one photonic integrated circuit. The active components, such as lasers, modulators and optical amplifiers are coupled within the silicon photonics chip to ‘passive’ components, such as waveguides, splitters and receivers. They are all integrated into the same silicon photonics chip and only require coupling out of the chip for integration into their intended application. This single chip concept vastly reduces manufacturing and assembly costs, by removing less reliable manufacturing processes altogether, such as aligning external lasers to waveguides.

# The OpenLight value proposition

Optical technology
Optical technology is the key enabler to many existing, new and emerging, high-growth markets, including datacom, telecom, lidar, healthcare, HPC, AI, and optical computing.
The Silicon Photonics market
In 2028, the value of the Silicon Photonic Chip market is expected to reach $8 billion.
OpenLight’s unique technology
OpenLight’s technology enables the design and manufacture of PASIC chips with higher density and speed, along with lower power and cost - essential for all these markets.
OpenLight’s open foundry model
OpenLight operates an open foundry model, licensing its integrated chip technology to semiconductor foundries around the world.
OpenLight’s PDK
OpenLight encourages customers to design their own PASICs using OpenLight’s Process Design Kit (PDK), guaranteeing their manufacture.
OpenLight’s PDK development
OpenLight is continuously developing its PDK, expanding its component library and including silicon photonics IP for customisation.
Openlight evaluation kits
OpenLight provides evaluation kits and early start hardware to support customers designing their own PASICs.

# Our technology

PASIC - Photonic application-specific integrated circuits.
Electronic design engineers have been producing ASICs for many years. Application Specific Integrated Circuits are central to the operation of most of the electronic products and computers used today, optimising performance, cost and efficiency.

PASIC’s are the photonic equivalent!

Photonic Application Specific Integrated Circuits are central to photonics-based design, both now and in the future, for the same reason as ASICs. OpenLight is bringing PASIC design to the mass market, with its PDK, production services, and a wealth of PASIC support tools, such as Evaluations kits and PDK Samplers.

More about our unique technology.

# Our history

OpenLight’s development history

  1. 2008

    OpenLights core, integrated silicon photonics platform technology was developed at Aurrion, a University of California, Santa Barbara spin-out company.

  2. 2016

    Aurrion was acquired by Juniper Networks in 2016.

  3. 2019

    Juniper Networks partnered with Tower Semiconductor for foundry services.

  4. 2021

    Juniper Networks announced the world’s first, open market, silicon photonics platform.

  5. 2022

    OpenLight was formed with investments from Synopsys and Juniper Networks.

  6. 2022

    OpenLight develops PASICs for datacoms applications.

  7. 2022

    The complete senior leadership team is appointed with extensive, silicon photonics and startup to scale, company experience.

  8. 2023

    The PASIC Photonic application-specific integrated circuits’ name is registered.

# Leadership team

The OpenLight leadership team brings decades of design, build, and innovation experience in silicon photonics technology. The team’s shared vision is to push the boundaries of silicon photonics technology, and how it is used, even further. To achieve this, Openlight is enabling design and development engineers in all industries to do their own PASIC designs using OpenLight’s Process Design Kit (PDK).

This open platform strategy is aimed at making OpenLight’s unique technology widely available to many different industries, including datacom, telecom, LiDAR, healthcare, HPC, AI, and optical computing.

# Three prime services

PASIC Design Enablement

PASIC Design Enablement

OpenLight enables customers to design their own PASIC using OpenLight’s Process Design Kit (PDK).

PASIC Design Enablement
PASIC Inhouse Design

PASIC Inhouse Design

OpenLight will design and build your PASIC for you. OpenLight’s inhouse engineers provide custom PASIC design and layout services to help with…

PASIC Inhouse Design
PASIC Production

PASIC Production

OpenLight will manufacture your PASIC for you through our partners. We will guarantee the production and operation of that PASIC, giving customers…

PASIC Production

# Supporting products and services

OpenLight is continuously developing its PDK (Process Design Kit) by:

  • Adding new device designs to the component library.
  • Adding verified silicon photonics circuits to the IP library, which customers can tailor to their own requirements. This fast-tracks the design process and reduces the time to market.

OpenLight provides evaluation kits and early start hardware to give customers confidence to design their own PASICs and verifying the component modules in our PDK.

OpenLight’s Process Design Kit (PDK) Sampler helps component testing and accelerates new product introduction (NPI).

OpenLight’s PDK Sampler is a die-level PASIC containing every component in the PDK library. It enables customers to test and validate PDK elements in their own lab, before committing to the expense of producing their own, custom PASIC design. The PDK Sampler speeds up the development process, giving customers confidence to design and optimise PASICs for their own markets.

The PDK Sampler is available for order through OpenLight. 

OpenLight’s 224G InP-based Modulator is specifically designed to help customers accelerate PASIC designs for datacoms applications.

# PDK support and capabilities

CapabilityOptoCompiler ≥ v.2.2.xIPKISS ≥ v1.2.1Cadence photonics ≥ v2.9.x
Tech FilesYesYesYes
Create SchematicYesYesNo
Run circuit simulationsYesNoNo
Schematic Driven Layout (SDL)YesYesNo
Layout circuits (fixed device cells)YesYesNo
Layout circuits (device p-cells)YesYes (Partial)No
Run DRCYesNoYes
Run LVSYesNoNo

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