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PASIC Production

OpenLight will manufacture your PASIC for you through our partners. We will guarantee the production and operation of that PASIC, giving customers confidence to take on designing their own PASICs.

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# The PASIC fabrication ecosystem

OpenLight’s silicon photonics, manufacturing ecosystem supports PASIC fabrication for devices used in the new AI era; proliferation of mobile devices; Internet of Things (IoT); and the 5G roll-out.

OpenLight supports PASIC fabrication through its established, technology partner, Tower Semiconductor. Tower Semiconductor has a deep-rooted knowledge of passive silicon photonics applications. Their partnership with OpenLight gives them access to active, silicon photonics technology – the future of the industry. Here, active components, such as lasers, are integrated on to the PASIC. OpenLight is the only company in the world doing this. It has strong IP for the laser process and the bonding of the silicon with III-IV, semiconductor materials, protected by patents.


# Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Shuttle Program

Tower Semiconductor offers a low cost and quick prototyping MPW shuttle program providing essential elements for successful silicon production. Tower Semiconductor’s program enables customers to tape-out their designs for rapid prototyping and helps reduce costs by sharing the expense of masks and wafers with other MPW shuttle program participants.

Download MPW shuttle schedule here

# Our guarantee

All components made available in the OpenLight PDK are fully qualified by OpenLight prior to the release to the open PDK.

# Quality certification

OpenLight's active components, when released in the OpenLight PDK have passed the Reliability Standard GR468.

# Become an OpenLight foundry partner

OpenLight is continuing to expand its base of semiconductor foundry partners for PASIC fabrication. This not only supports the huge, worldwide growth in demand for photonics, but also ensures OpenLight customers, who might have existing supply agreements and established IP in place with specific foundries, can still include OpenLight’s active components in their designs.

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