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PASIC Design Enablement

OpenLight enables customers to design their own PASIC using OpenLight’s Process Design Kit (PDK).

Pasic enablement

# OpenLight’s market-leading PDK

OpenLight’s open platform PDK takes engineers through all the steps necessary to design an effective PASIC for their own, unique applications. It gives customers access to a comprehensive library of photonics components, for their own PASIC designs. This enables next-generation PASIC designs for existing, new and emerging, rapidly expanding markets and applications.

OpenLight will guarantee PASIC designs developed using its PDK and produce the PASIC with its foundry partners.

OpenLight’s PDK has everything engineers need to design and build PASICs.

  • Passive device library
  • Active devices, including tunable lasers, optical amplifiers, and photo detectors
  • Integration to eliminate barrier to entry – there is no longer a need to source and package separate lasers on silicon photonics chips – it is all in one.
  • OpenLight’s PDK platform adds performance with very low loss between active components and waveguides.

# OpenLight’s PDK - Highlights

Design PASICs with OpenLight’s Process Design Kit (PDK) - a scalable design platform which delivers powerful benefits:

Open for all.
Access the first open silicon photonics PASIC design platform with active and passive components built in.
Complete photonics library.
Benefit from a full suite of photonics components, including integrated lasers, amplifiers, high-speed modulators, and high-speed photodetectors.
Easier solutions deployment.
Launch new solutions faster and more seamlessly with integrated lasers and active components.
Reduce barriers to entry.
Enable high-complexity, high-performance designs.

# PDK support and capabilities

CapabilityOptoCompiler ≥ v.2.2.xIPKISS ≥ v1.2.1Cadence photonics ≥ v2.9.x
Tech FilesYesYesYes
Create SchematicYesYesNo
Run circuit simulationsYesNoNo
Schematic Driven Layout (SDL)YesYesNo
Layout circuits (fixed device cells)YesYesNo
Layout circuits (device p-cells)YesYes (Partial)No
Run DRCYesNoYes
Run LVSYesNoNo

# The OpenLight PDK process

Architecture Design Image
Design enablement Opto Compiler Simulations 1 Schematic View
Pasic functional verification
Opto Compiler Layout
Open Light DR 8 PIC

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