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What does integrated laser technology deliver?

Our technology integrates optical gain on-chip, which means you won’t need to purchase a separate laser or add complex, expensive, external laser coupling into your silicon photonics solution. With OpenLight, you can enter new markets faster by designing to your specifications with industry-standard EDA tools on our silicon photonics platform with integrated lasers.

By building the world’s first open market silicon photonics platform, we give you the flexibility to deliver your chip to a wide range of applications including datacom, telecom, LiDAR, healthcare, HPC, AI, and optical computing.

The process

Our open platform allows you to design and build solutions exactly to your specifications using industry-standard design tools, scalable silicon foundry manufacturing, and wafer level test capabilities, enabled with integrated lasers, to reduce test escapes.

You can choose to design a custom solution directly with our partner’s process design kit or work with our in-house design services team. Either way, you’ll pull from a complete library of tested and proven components for faster and more reliable design and fabrication.

Our solutions

Our mission is to enable any company to access this unique silicon photonics technology. We offer three avenues for customers to build upon our technology, including Process Design Kits, verified PIC designs, and collaboration with our design services team.

Process Design Kits (PDKs)

The easiest way to access our technology is through our foundry partner’s Process Design Kit (PDK). This enables you to design your own PIC for your photonic application, whether it be communications, sensing, optical computing, and beyond.

PIC Designs

We offer select PIC designs to radically accelerate your time-to-market while reducing the resources you need to utilize our integrated laser technology. Our first PIC design offerings target 400G-DR4 and 800G-DR8 links for datacom 500-meter and 2-kilometer applications.

Design Services

We have unique expertise in our field, and we’re happy to support bringing your application to market. Let us help you design a custom solution uniquely suited to your needs.

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