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Who we are

With decades of experience in photonics design, our executive and engineering teams are delivering the world’s first open silicon photonics platform with integrated lasers.

You can improve the performance, power efficiency, and reliability of your design using the OpenLight platform for datacom, telecom, LiDAR, healthcare, HPC, AI, and optical computing applications. With over 200 patents, we’re bringing optical solutions to unprecedented places, and we’re enabling technologies that weren’t previously possible.

Our leadership team

OpenLight leadership brings decades of hands-on experience designing, building, and innovating silicon photonics technology. We’re proud to be pushing forward with an open platform to make our technology widely available to more industries.

Dr. Thomas Mader

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Mader’s experience spans 27 years across the photonics and consumer electronics industries. Prior to the formation of OpenLight, he led the same team within Juniper Networks. Dr. Mader’s previous experience includes six years at Intel, where he founded Light Peak, which became Thunderbolt. He drove innovation at Amazon for six years, creating several new devices and features, such as the Amazon Dash Button. Dr. Mader has been an executive at four startups, including LightLogic, Picarro, Radiient, and Klue.

Dr. Volkan Kaman

VP Engineering

Dr. Kaman was formerly the Senior Director of Engineering at Juniper’s silicon photonics group. Before joining Juniper, he was the VP of Engineering at Aurrion Inc. (acquired by Juniper in 2016), which developed the core silicon photonics technology that forms the foundation of OpenLight. Early in his career, Dr. Kaman was Chief Systems Architect and Director of Product Management at Calient Networks. Dr. Kaman holds a PhD from UCSB and a BS from Cornell University, both in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Daniel Sparacin

VP Business Development & Strategy

Dr. Sparacin previously led business development and product management for Juniper’s silicon photonics group. Prior to that, he was Director of Technology at Aurrion Inc. (acquired by Juniper in 2016), which developed the core silicon photonics technology that is now OpenLight. Before Aurrion, Dr. Sparacin worked as a silicon photonics researcher and an advisor to DARPA. Dr. Sparacin holds a PhD from MIT and a BS from Brown University, both in Material Science & Engineering.

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